‘[Marios Papadopoulos] is clearly a pianist of distinction. His approach to these sublime works is leisurely to say the least, but what is more convincing is his ability to sustain a level of intensity in the slow movements. His exposition of the opening movement of 109, for example, is quite masterly in its understatement… there is much impressive playing in this recommendable performance’.
BBC Music Magazine

‘Marios Papadopoulos provides three convincing and compelling performances of the last three Beethoven sonatas on a generously filled disc. A good buy and well worth investing in PCD1009’.
Classic CD

‘… If I asked you to guess the pianist, you’d probably reel off a list of all the usual suspects. Brendel? Barenboim? Ashkenazy? Try Marios Papadopoulos. … what I discovered was music-making of an uncommonly dedicated order. Papadopoulos’s Beethoven is certainly controversially slow. But the performances are far from being self-regarding, and consistently plumb the depths of these extraordinary and inexhaustible masterpieces’.
Classic CD

‘[Papadopoulos’s] bargain-price recording of the last three sonatas is one of the finest. The weight and sobriety of his playing reaches a depth that only a very few have managed on disc, and the recorded sound is unsurpassed’.
Classic Music on CD

Op. 2 Nos 1, 2, 3
Op.109, Op. 110, Op.111
Op. 109, Op. 110, Op. 111

Nos 9, 10, Op. 14, No. 11, Op. 22

Nos. 5,6,7, Op.10
Op. 10  Nos 5, 6, 7
Op. 26, Op. 27 Nos 1, 2