shostakovitch-green1… This music has been crying out for a complete modern recording,
and it is a relief to find that this one is so successful”.

CD Review

“… This recording will form a more significant addition to the Shostakovich discography than the almost limitless flow of re-recordings of the symphonies and quartets with which we are inundated lately. Mr Papadopoulos has clearly prepared these pieces with such careful attention that his recording requires careful listening for the nuances to make their point; it’s not a recording for casual listening, but the rewards for both pianists and non-pianists alike are great … it should be considered an indispensable item for any Shostakovich enthusiast’s collection”.

Shostakovich Society

shostakovitch-blue‘’…These works are very well played and engineered and are deserving of every congratulation”.

The Gramophone

“… Marios Papadopoulos is a highly gifted player whose enterprise in recording the preludes & fugues deserves the highest praise… Papadopoulos is both sensitive and intelligent, and is generally well recorded”.

The Penguin Guide to Compact Discs

“… The latter, [Papadopoulos], for his part, plays these pieces with a scrupulous regard for polyphonic clarity and a dazzling finger technique that is well served by a closer, cleaner acoustical balance”.

Musical Times