Motion in Music

In a previous Blog, I touched on the subject of tempi and the importance of sustaining a musical line. For me, all music is movement: I see patterns when I play, when I conduct. Indeed, the latter discipline allows me to carve shapes and figures in the air of how I see the musical line move while I communicate with members of the orchestra.

Like everything else in motion, the musical line has weight, speed and direction. On one hand it is a perceived motion while on the other it is a real one, emanating from the movements the body makes in producing a sound when playing an instrument. Together they form the basis for a wonderful synaesthetic musical encounter which transforms music-making to an auditory, visual and tactile experience.

I have written and lectured extensively on this subject and I have presented the paper which you can download here at a number of colloquia. I hope readers find it interesting.

Motion in Music Download